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2. Studies Done

list the studies with the form [Name of the Institution, Country, Program followed, Start date, End date, Diploma and degree obtained]

3. Professional experience

list professional experiences with the form [Name of the Establishment, Country, Position held, Start date, End date]

4. Advanced training course

list the courses followed with the form [Name of Institution, Country, Program attended, Start date, End date, Degree obtained]

5. References of recent scientific publications in international journals

List the scientific articles published in international journals or accepted for publication publication with the form [Title, Name and number of the journal, etc...]

6. Spoken languages

Specify if you speak English, French, and other languages spoken with the form [Language, speaking level, writing level, reading level, comprehension level]

7. Computer skills and statistical tools

What is your level in computer / statistical tools?

List the information processing tools and software that you use fluently :
List the statistical tools you are familiar with for data processing :

8. Motivations

Summarize your main motivations for undertaking this regional training organized by ERAIFT

9. Persons of Reference

Please attach three letters of recommendation from persons who can provide an informed opinion about you opinion about you (Employers, Professors, etc.) and then fill in their information with the form [Name and Title, Address and/or Tel, E-mail]

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10. Financing plan for your studies

I certify on my honor that the above information is true and correct. I acknowledge that by knowingly providing inaccurate information, I will be subject to immediate dismissal, should if I am admitted.

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