ERAIFT Governance

International governance

ERAIFT is a UNESCO Category II Center; its international governance is based on four bodies  :  

  • The Conference of Member States: which gathers the 11 founding states including the DRC,
  • The Board of Directors: which ensures the long-term vision of ERAIFT,
  • The Academic and Research Council (CAR): which ensures the quality of training and research,

The Management: which manages the school on a daily basis.

International cooperation

  • At the international level, ERAIFT has been funded by the European Union since 2005 and by the Kingdom of Belgium for its participation in the project "Yangambi, a scientific pole at the service of man and forests", a program that aims to sustainably manage the Yangambi Biosphere Reserve, where ERAIFT is in charge of capitalizing on existing data as a decision-making tool (decision-makers) and/or for researchers. It is also present in the Luki Biosphere Reserve (EU funding), where it has a research station. It accompanies local communities in their activities with the WWF, Trade Hub Bush Meat (UN WCMC) on bush meat.
  • At the level of the Central African sub-region, ERAIFT is a member of RIFFEAC. It has concluded a memorandum of understanding with some higher education and university institutions for the implementation of its training program. This agreement brings together the University of Dschang (Cameroon), Yaoundé I, the School of Fauna of Garoua (Cameroon); the University of Science and Technology of Masuku (USTM), the National School of Water and Forests (ENEF)/Gabon and the University of Kisangani (UNIKIS)/DRC
  • ERAIFT has also concluded several Memoranda of Understanding with the following institutions: the University of Liege (ULiège, Belgium) through the Partnership for Cooperation in Development (PACODEL), ,the Walloon Air and Climate Agency (AwAC, Belgium, Wallonie Bruxelles International (WBI),the University of Ghent (UGent, Belgium), the Royal Museum for Central Africa (RMCA), the Botanical Garden of Meise (JBMeise, Belgium), University of Laval (Canada), University of Paris-Est Marne la Vallée (France), UNESCO HIST Category 2 Center (Bejing, China), CIRAD (France), CIFOR (Bogor, Indonesia), University of Para (Belem, Brazil), Indonesian Institute of Sciences (Jakarta, Indonesia), National Agronomic University (Hanoi, Vietnam), etc. 

ERAIFT also collaborates with several international NGOs active in the environment (WWF, WCS, Nature+, etc.) and with UNESCO within the framework of the BIOPALT program (Biosphere and Heritage of the Lake Chad Basin). The US Forest Service (USFS) has been supporting the project for several years through scholarships.

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