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The "Yangambi, Pôle Scientifique au service de l'homme" project brings together four institutions: R&SD (DRC), ERAIFT (DRC), Ghent University (UGent) (Belgium) and CIFOR. CIFOR, which implements the FORETS Project "Training, Research, Environment in the Tshopo", is the international organization responsible for implementing the YPS Project.
It is managed by an instrument of the delegated cooperation of the Kingdom of Belgium implemented by the European Union. It will strengthen the sustainable participatory management of the Yangambi Biosphere Reserve and implement the first tower of forest-based carbon flux measurements in the Congo Basin.
Operationally, the "Yangambi, Science for People" project has three objectives

  • To contribute to the protection and sustainable development of the biodiversity of the Yangambi reserve and its periphery;
  • To promote the sustainable production of goods and services from the region's forests for the benefit of the socio-economic development of the local populations;
  • Strengthen human capacities for sustainable forest management through training and scientific research oriented towards development. The establishment of this tower is essential for monitoring the REDD+ process in the Congo Basin countries and will be a world scientific first. The scientific coordination of the project will be carried out jointly by ERAIFT and CIFOR based on the concept of a coordination platform. The scientific coordination platform will ensure permanent free access to the data by researchers from all over the world and will allow a wide dissemination of the data.

A flow tower for measuring the level of greenhouse gases (e.g. CO2) is installed and operational within the Yangambi Biosphere Reserve and their data will benefit the national and international community.
Strengthening Climate Change Resilience of Local Communities in Luki and Maï-Ndombe" funded by the European Union and co-managed by WWF and ERAIFT. It is a climate change mitigation and mitigation project.
The project focuses on :
  • Promoting governance at the village level and in the management of the reserve
  • Support for sustainable agriculture
  • Support for the development of income-generating activities
  • Natural regeneration in the savannahs through the establishment of defenses and Payments for Environmental Services (PES)
  • Improving the research environment at the Luki Biosphere Reserve by setting up a physical library, rehabilitating the herbarium, providing drinking water and photovoltaic electrification of buildings and offices,
  • research on ecosystem services and carbon storage capacity in the protected areas
  • Training and sensitization of local communities, schools, students, and public and traditional administration executives on the implementation of REDD+ solutions

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