ERAIFT has organised a capacity-building session for private stakeholders, NGOs and public administration staff on the analysis of sustainable agricultural value chains. From 3 to 9 November 2023

From 03 to 09 November 2023, ERAIFT organised a capacity-building training session on the analysis of sustainable agricultural value chains, led by Dr Doriane DESCLEE. Sixteen participants from different sectors, including private companies, NGOs and public administrations, including the Institut congolais de conservation de la nature (ICCN), took part in the training. This session was marked by two highlights: on the one hand, learning the theoretical bases of value chain analysis, including functional, financial, economic, social and environmental analyses, and on the other, a field visit to the Luki Biosphere Reserve and the Mangrove Marine Park to carry out a diagnosis of the development of agricultural value chains in this landscape. With the trainer, the participants carried out a critical analysis of the coffee, cocoa and honey value chains around the Luki Biosphere Reserve, as well as that of fishing in the Mangrove/Munda Marine Park (Nsiafumu village). Participants also visited the potential for tourism to contribute to the development of the Luki Biosphere Reserve/Mangrove Marine Park landscape.

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